3 Tips For Successful Tree Trimming

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3 Tips For Successful Tree Trimming

The trees in your landscape will need to be trimmed regularly to encourage proper growth. While it might seem like a tree trimming service is just lopping off branches haphazardly, there is actually a very calculated approach to their activities.

Here are three tips that you should keep in mind to ensure you invest in successful tree trimming services in the future.

1. Protect the Leader

All trees have a leader, which is the main trunk of the tree. It's important that you protect the leader against competition if you want your trees to remain healthy and strong. Trimming can be a useful tool when you see any secondary leaders emerge.

Many secondary leaders are lopsided, crooked, or deformed in other ways. Unfortunately, these secondary leaders will divert resources away from the primary leader. This diversion weakens your tree.

An experienced tree trimmer will be able to effectively eliminate all competition to protect your tree's leader and promote stronger growth over time.

2. Don't Let Branches Rub

You should examine each of the branches within your tree prior to scheduling a trimming appointment. A visual examination will help you identify any branches that might be rubbing against one another.

Anytime the wind blows or the tree is moved in any way, branches that rub against one another can create friction. This friction has the potential to create wounds on the branches of your tree.

Trimming off one of the branches to prevent future rubbing will help reduce the likelihood that disease or decay will affect your tree.

3. Remove All Suckers

Small shoots that appear around the base of your tree are referred to as suckers. Suckers literally suck valuable resources away from your tree.

Because they are fast-growing, suckers require more nutrients than mature trees. If you don't eliminate the suckers that have sprouted near your tree, you could compromise the overall health of the tree. The more suckers there are, the less nutrition your tree will receive over time.

An experienced tree trimmer can identify suckers in all stages of growth and remove these pesky shoots to ensure your tree has access to the resources needed for proper growth.

Regular tree trimming can help you prevent a number of tree-related problems in your home's landscape. By working with a professional trimmer, you will be able to encourage healthy growth while maintaining the overall stability of your trees. 

For more information about tree trimming, contact a local company. 

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